Etex ® is the manufacturer of the Electro-Gun ®, a state-of-the-art device on the market for the control and eradication of localized infestations of drywood termites. It was the first device registered by the California Department of Pest Regulations Various study results and our 32 years of continued service to the pest control industry assures you of having a proven system with an effictive kill. Our equipment is registered with the E.P.A. and was the 1st pest control “device” registered in California. The Electro Gun Termite Control System has demonstrated a stand-alone overall efficacy of 100% when tested by the world renowned CSIRO Forestry Products Laboratory in Clayton, Australia as well as 98.6% in comparative studies at the University of California, Berkeley, when used as recommended by an Etex trained technician.   The Electro-Gun ® when properly used can provide complete control of drywood termite problems in many of the diagnosed  infestations found in homes, condos and other wooden structures with minimal or no use of chemicals.    Etex Ltd. is proud to offer a warranty on its Electro Gun that is unheard of in our industry. This warranty costs you nothing!  That’s right, zero dollars for a warranty that covers the power supply, backpack, Electro Gun, AND it’s associated cables. The  only items you will ever be charged for are normal consumables and small parts that we recommend you keep spares of.  (Like most lease equipment the warranty will not cover obvious abuse; such as backing over the power supply with a truck.)  Because we want you to be successful we also want to limit any downtime for equipment repairs. With that in mind we have  set up a system where you call us with notification of your situation and we send to you a replacement unit (usually within  24-28 hrs.) We do not wait to get your equipment back to repair it. You can even use the box & packing material that the  replacement came in to return the unit in need of repair.  Made with Xara by: Mike Fortuna 2011 Warranty Info