A somewhat typical interior ceiling in Portugal. CELEBRATING 32 YEAR IN BUSINESS  The Etex Ltd., Electro Gun was the first “device”  registered by the California Department of Pest  Regulations. Since that time Etex has grown from a local  California based company to one that now has units  across the United States as well as in Tahiti, Costa Rica,  French Polynesia, and Portugal.      A GREEN COMPANY BACK WHEN GREEN WAS JUST A COLOR!  Etex Ltd. was founded by Don Bondy who felt there had  to be a way to kill termites without the use of chemicals  in ones home. He sought out the help of a scientist and  soon located Lucas Lawerance. Together the two began  the ardous process of research and development on a  product that would need to be both safe and effective.  The end result of their hard work and dedication is  reflected in the product now recognized across the  country as a top alternative for localized termite  infestations. Professional Pest Control Operators are  realizing the benefits of the Electro Gun Treatment  System and savy customers now ask for it by name! Put  the Electro Gun in your toolbox to complete your pest  management control system.  Made with Xara by: Mike Fortuna 2011 Attic area treatment. About Etex